Karaoke – Alpine


Mixed media, installation


Precipitously, like a steep climbing path, the staircase of the Taberhof leads to the first floor. What awaits me as a guest is a voluminous wooden something which confronts me with insurmountable paradoxes.

The wood, the horses’ drinking though and the carpet leftovers were left behind like a spolia-like setting of the farm and the closer surrounding area. The construction that was created from it was the effigy of the mountainous scenery and the effigy of the rural crafts of South Tirol. As a contrasting programme to it, videos were presented which were shown on television sets, which were incorporated into the wooden construct. Not only contrasting the use of the rustic material, but also by their visual language did the videos irritate and provoke. Pseudo-romantic intakes of singing young men before a kitschy background, according to any arbitrary visual scenography, and the song texts which appeared in line, created a world which could be at most a parody of that idyllic oasis of old customs and traditions which South Tirol is known for.


A karaoke bar in the Alpine country? – like a foreign imported element in an unspoiled world. Disturbing is the habitual harmony and unity and it was an attack on the untouched aesthetics of home.

However, is it different?

The exaggerated and ironic usage of traditional pictures and images as a critical reflection of the sense of belonging and the inheritance of the home country, – the piece of art as a criticism of stereotypes, a sweet, crumbling and surreal sketch of a cultural unity: both are elements which ask the question of identities, which they sketch, design, reject and at the same time penetrating deeply and more immediately into their being, into their effigies and into their construction.


Martina Oberprantacher

Art historian and Art educator





Norbert C. Kaser


alto adige

alto fragile


holiday destination


no man’s land


being the requiem for too long

to revive the death

but the funeral eulogy

do not expose the corpse


andreas hofer

does not allow

to inherit

but the coffin

is still open



home country


Norbert C. Kaser, jetzt mueßte der kirschbaum bluehen. Gedichte, Tatsachen und Legenden, Stadtstiche. Herausgegeben und mit einem Nachwort von Hans Haider, 1983.