1. May I-VI



4 pieces 150 x 75 cm, 2 pieces 100 x 75 cm

relief with white cement


















The slabs entitled “1. May I-VI“ depict a pattern that had been poured off from paving stones. The pattern reminds one of the ornament that runs over Taksim Square in Istanbul. Only recently the paving stones have been removed from the square and replaced by concrete slabs (with stamped patterns of the older stone work) so that rioting protesters couldn’t use them as brickbats on violent May 1st marches. JAK created reliefs in white cement stamping the patterns of the old stone pavings and framed it in a border of ornamental patterns taken from the Hagia Sofia.


Eventually, “1. May“ also evolved from observations of local, political disputes. Protesters used halves of lemons which they would hold in front of their faces in order to protect  themselves from lachrymatory agents. Afterwards, the yellow lemons were thrown away and left on the square. This tropical fruit covers the pavement and gives the police operations, these rituals of power, a very peculiar, local scent.