behind the foreign




mixed media




Both installations from the exhibition “behind the foreign“

in Warsaw are working with a splitting of the room.

Where is the limit of JAK ?

A flat light screen, made by a projector, separates the room at a height of 1.55 meters

 – the fiction of a fear level from JAK.

2 actors are reading in Polish from the novel „JAK“, one above and one below the light area.

They are reflecting a situation in which it’s not possible to connect both levels.

A drawing in the room which seem very chaotic is the basis of the second room.

Shadows are moving through, because of a swinging light.

The figure looks like a biological structure, like a synapse

– it solidifies itself in the middle and creates a quiet patio there.

The two situations are very different.

Inside, the color is pink, the situation is quiet and there is a projection of a teddy bear –

outside is chaos and the light switches on and off just for short moments and in irregular sequences.