160 x 2500 x 160 cm

50 laser pointer, smoke machine, 2 aluminium frame

variable installa

The Truth is somewhere beyound


Gedas: I've been in Plokstine, a couple times - now I've got blood cancer, leukemia, due to radiation.

Question: Is there any radiation there now?

G: Of course, no doubt abaout it. And now people are being invited to come visit. For what - some radiation? What can you do....

Q: Do you know how many people died because that place was radioactive?

G: Many... Everyone who was stealing metal from there, everyone died. Radiation, you know... One man was cutting up, so I've heard, was cutting up a barrel, where they used to keep the rocket fuel. The next day he died. He sold the barrel, but died... The next day, and now they say it's a museum there, one can go and have a look - there's only death in there...

Q: What would you tell people that are create art there?

G: Get out, get out. My God... It's only death there - first check the radiation... They say it's already checked, but that's just nonsense. Why do you think people die? Why? Because it's radioactive. Because radiation doesn't evaporates in two years, three years, five years - it's at least twenty five years.

Q: How many years has it been since the evacuation of that base?

G: Twelve years. It's all nonsense. Who wants to die, those can go and visit, get a disease, like me, leukemia, if they want that...


G: In one of those, where one can go around and where there are four entrances, and then there's another entrance a bit lower.

3: Yeah, we've been there. There's still that rocket - that pipe. Where the acid barrel used to be.

G: I see. Where the generator was - there's no barrelleft there. It's been removed. I know who died it, he's gone now. Don't go there, it's such a screwed up place. I've got leukemia, radiation...

3: Because of radiation?

G: Yeah.

3: Was that diagnosed?

G: Yes, it's because of radiation.

3: When did it happen?

G: I was a kid. We used to tie ourselves with a rope...

3: So you could get back?

G: Lower down there's water, no-one knows what's down there.

3: Now they're pumping water out of one of those barrels.

G: It's impossible, they're connected with Plateliu lake. Fairy-tales. In short - don't go there.

3: And how old were you, when you used to go there?

G: Fourteen, sixteen.

3: It wasn't locked?

G: No, it was broken into. There are four emergency exits between the shafts.

3: We only used the main entrance.

G: Someone cut out an entrance by the shaft.

3: When did you start scrapping all the metal? When you got older?

G: Yes.

3: How did you cut it? With a gas welding machine?

G: No, just with a simple knife. There were wires by the right side of a wall. Tons of wire, tons of copper, but don't go there, it's radioactive...

3: But now they say there's no radiation there, tourists can come... You don't believe that?

G: Nonsense. Where then did I get my disease from? Radiation stays for at least fifty years... Lead walls, lead walls there.

3: Why lead walls?

G: They don't let the radiation to escape. The radiation rays bounce back from lead.

3: So the walls aren't only concrete?

G: Concrete too, eight meters wide. There were some idiots that tried to remove the top of it. Dumb-asses. Who could do that? Its tens of meters of concrete mixed with metal.

3: Have you ever seen anyone taking one of those rockets away?

G: I did. It was carried in one of those big vehicles. They flipped the car on a side, a passanger car and put the rocket on it. I it saw myself... The whole town was closed...

3: They say they took the rockets even Cuba...

G: I don't know anything about that. I only saw them being taken away, but I don't know where... It was a SMR one, Strategic Munition Restriction, it was a SMR one, then there was a SMR two, I remember...

3: Did you have any contact with military officers?

G: You must understand, everyone's quiet about these things... Everyone's quiet.

3: So you didn't talk to solders at all?

G: They told us, told how it was built, one man told us. They started at the bottom. I asked, how did they get all those barrels in. He said they built one floor, poured concrete, then the next floor, again concrete. It's all clear, but all the other officers... everyone's quiet.

3: I heard that when it was built they excavated a mound?

G: Yeah.

3: What did they use the gravel for? Making a road?

G: Yeah. Did you see the road? It's all S shaped, twists and turns, you know why?

3: No idea.

G: Think about it. A plane would go in a straight line, it couldn't make all those turns. So the base couldn't be bombed.

3: Makes sense.

G: Nothing could make those turns.

3: Do you know any people that worked there?

G: The metal workers? There are still some.

3: And how's their health?

G: Everyone has the same thing - leukemia, blood cancer.

3: How did they get it out?

G: They lifted it with a crane, sixty tons, that barrel. But both died the next day. Had a drink, splitthe money and died. They were working for someone, someone was paying them... It would be nine or ten microrengens at least.

3: How can I find you again?

G: Write down my number. 867655501.

Q: And your name? Gedas. What sort of show will this be?

3: It's not a show, it's an artistic project.

3: How did they get it out?

G: They lifted it with a crane, sixty tons, that barrel. But both died the next day. Had a drink, split the money and died. They were working for someone, someone was paying them... It would be nine or ten microrengens at least.

3:  How can I find you again?

G: Write down my number. 867655501.

Q: And your name?

G: Gedas. What sort of show will this be?

3: It's not a show, it's an artistic project.


4: Now there's no radiation there, we wouldn't be allowed to work there.Some time ago - there was. Several Sateikos died there.

G: They should really check the radiation there, for real.

4: It's all been investigated. People came from Vilnius, investigated everything.

G: Then why do I have leukemia?

4: But it was long time ago, when you worked there... How it was in the first days after closing the base and how it is now - two different things. All radiationwas removed.

G: It's impossible just to take it out.

4: We went to the shafts, lots of Russian kopeks there. We work there now, disassembling the metal stairway. We'll start renewing inside now, plaster it, put the tiles in. We're installing panels where the bunker was. And as I said, there's no radiation there anymore.

G: And you're not afraid?

4: No, it's checked, investigated. There used to be, before...

G: We had a detector. And radiation doesn't evaporate, doesn't go away...

4: Now it's vented, everything's installed. We're pumping the water out.

G: Have you been to the third floor?

4: It's restricted...

G: Is it bricked?

3: No there was a floodgate to the lake.

G: Do the pipes go straight there or just the pumps?

4: The ventilation system's there and the pumps are pumping water. There's nothing left there, even the big engines are gone.

G: Where the generator used to be? Have you been on the third floor?

4: No... We work on the first and second floor.

4: Maybe it's good to have all these memories. Journalists came. One guy got down the shaft, got out all dirty... with handful of kopeks.

G: You could even find shoes down there in the beginning.

4: There's no radiation there anymore. We wouldn't work there. Though used to be...

4: Not one of Sateikas layed there heads there.

G: You'll feel it in a couple of years. I did. After seven years.

G: If you go there, check the radiation, if it's over 0,5, don't go, for fucks sake... I know, I used to do that and I had a meter, it was 12 microrentgens.

3: There, by all the barrels; how many years ago did you check it?

G: Twelve years ago.

4: So twelve years ago.

G: Now it would be about 2,2 microrentgens. You go in there, you wouldn't even feel it, but it soaks in so much, that... Don't go there. I condemned myself for doing it. It's interesting there, very interesting, but don't go there. The controls weren't destroyed, cables were intact. Everything was stolen. Of course, I was stealing these things too. Then we chopped cables out of the walls.

3: And that metal is also contaminated with radiation?

G: Of course. Kids, don't go there.



Fuck those bases!


interview of Andrius Kviliuns